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Minako >> Samma >> Bunny >> Myrr 


Q.) Why don't you update more often??

A.) We can only make costumes so quickly, along with that fact, that we are still students, and we do have other hobbies besides cosplaying. Samma is a fencer, Myrr is in the S.C.A., etcetera etcetera... 

Q.) Why was your website down for SO long?!

A.) Heh... I took it off line while I was making a new layout and buying the domain. It took a while do to the fact it was con season and we had to have a certain amount of costumes done by the end of the summer. 

Q.) How did you get started in cosplaying? {I ask that a lot}:D

A.) When I was in 7th grade, Samma was in 7th, and Bunny and Myrr were in 6th, we decided to do something NO ONE has ever done before... dress up like Sailor Senshi. AFTER that I learned about cosplay, and... here we are now...  

Q.) What came first, DDR, Anime, or Mangas?

A.) Oddly enough, Manga. Samma brough a Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon manga to school one day.. that started it. Then it was anime, and recently DDR, Pump it up, and other fun games!


Q.) Commissions?

A.) Maybe in the near future. So far we have only done a few commissions. Myrr has done a few, and I have done a few. Maybe once we are a little better, we will offer more commissions, but at the moment, we are not offering them, unless an agreement is arranged. If you would like a commission though, Tristen of Golden Quartz, and Alisa from Alisa's Cosplay are very talented young ladies.