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Tenchi, Jake, and Sean: The FIRST people we met along the way! You all play a special part... whatever our relationship is, you will always be the cool dudes we met in the elevator ^.~ 

Banker Twins: Dudes! We have hung out with you at all the AMA's so far, and we still don't know your alls names, but we remember each other oh so well! Happy Birthday! 

Big Danny T.: He is the big brother who looks out for us... aww.. we love you Danny! 

Musashi and Taryn: The two coolest cosplayers! Musashi, keep up the kick ass MLs! Taryn... hope you had fun in Japan! 

Ashley V. and Kellila: Best sisters in the world! You two are a big inspiration to our website! Your constant updates, and awesome costumes, give the lazy ass web mistress ((me)) a little extra boost! Arigatou! 

Fujikoma: Samma is part of Fujikoma, and has a TON of friends there too! I hope our relationship with this band of friends grows even more! 

Ed: Made Saturday night at Animazment 02' fun as anything! Free pokey lives on! 

Brad, Tyler, and Allen: Three cons later, we all meet! Tee hee hee, you dudes are pretty fun to hang out with! Hope the video from AMA was fun! I'm a cupcake! ^.~ 

Aniki ((Gene)), Dawn, Brittany, and all those other kick ass people we hung out with at AMA 02': Thanks for the fun time! We love you! 

Thu, Tim, Yehtai, and the  nice people from the pool @ MTAC Pi: Thanks for making the whole night better! Tim smelled like a clean Ryoga after we let him shower and shave in our bathroom.... Skintamate Peaches... or Raspberry Rain... PEACHES! 

Ichiban, Daimen, DJ Inubito, Anna-Neko, and the Drunk dude who offered to by me a drink: You all made the dance at MTAC Pi FREAKIN' GREAT! I had a ball! We all enjoyed our selves! Arigatou!