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~You clicked on Samma~

This means... You landed on our PERSONAL page! Learn about the members of the Kawaii Senshi! Once you click on a banner, you will be taken to our own mini-shrine! There you can learn about us, and see pictures of us out of costume!

If you are looking for Papa Smurf's bio, check out his website, you can see his, Cosplay, Reviews, and Pictures. You can get to his website from our page that has the sites we host on it.

What could be sweeter?Then a little nibble...Of four little cuties...The lovely... Kawaii Senshi

Big thanks goes to Anna-Neko, Ashley V. and Musashi. To see more thanks... click here! Picture of the Kawaii Senshi was drawn by Minako. Please don't take with out permission! 
Layout inspired by Anna Neko