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~You clicked on Myrr~

The *MAIN* attraction of our cosplay site... the COSPLAY! Click on a banner, and see what we have  made, in the making, and planned/future costumes! You should know our names by now... if not, check out our Bio Page! Have Fun! Come back soon!

Those who are looking for Papa Smurf's cosplay... note... he is NOT part of Kawaii Senshi, but he is friends with them, if you want to see HIS cosplay, check out his site. You can find it on our hosting page....

Strawberry... Chuu!!Nyo!Panda cute-ness!Pink Bunnies!

Big thanks goes to Anna-Neko, Ashley V. and Musashi. To see more thanks... click here! Picture of the Kawaii Senshi was drawn by Minako. Please don't take with out permission! 
Layout inspired by Anna Neko