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\\//\\//\\//Welcome to Kawaii Senshi Cosplay \\//\\//\\//

This a website for a group of cosplaying cuties, the Kawaii Senshi! We are so glad you stopped by! This is our *NEW* website! We have our own domain! I'm so happy! O, yea, I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Minako, the web mistress of this website. Our cosplay group has been friends for years now, but cosplaying for a little over a year!

Have fun! Look around! Leave a message on our Message Board! Come back again, REAL soon!

Updates: September 13, 2002 - Updated with A NEW LOOK! Also, Minako's Sweet Sixteen! We are celebrating by re-opening our little site!! New costumes, and convention reviews, pictures and all the sites we host are back up again! Till next update... Ja ne!

Kawaii Senshi's Sisters:

 Ashley V.'s Cosplay Awsome cosplay group... We love you!

Big thanks goes to Anna-Neko, Ashley V. and Musashi. To see more thanks... click here!  Picture of the Kawaii Senshi was drawn by Minako. Please don't take with out permission! 
Layout inspired by Anna Neko