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Special Thank you section!

Ok, here it goes!!

Thank you Anna-Neko: First off, I want to say, YOU ARE THE NICEST, MOST TOLERANT PERSON IN THE WORLD! You helped us get this website off the ground! We are very grateful, and with that.. Thank you!

Thank you Ashley V. and Kell: These are our sister sites. Both of the lovely ladies have helped me with the HTML and what not, along with finding someone to host us. I hope to see you two again soon! 

Thank you Musashi-chan: You also helped me with some basic HTML knowledge, and I am very grateful! You and Taryn are awesome! Keep up the cosplaying talent! 

Thank you Danny T.: For all your love and support... tee hee hee.. you didn't think I would mention you! Ha! Proved you wrong! Thanks for the X-Mas gifts! ^.~ 

Thank you Oreo: Thanks for making our message board look so lovely, and all the support... even if you are MEAN TO ME, I'm thankful for all the help! 

Thank you Millions of other helpers out there: Thanks for all the support and help you have given to us! There are so many people to be named, but you know who you are ^.~

Thank you Kawaii Senshi Parents: You probably don't know we have this site.. but thanks for driving us to cons, and taking us to the fabric store! We love you! I'll be 18 soon enough, then you won't have to take us to cons anymore! Lucky you!

Thank YOU: Thanks for visiting the site, and leaving comments and e-mails... we are grateful SOMEONE notices us! ^.~