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This a website for a group of cosplaying cuties, the Kawaii Senshi! We are so glad you stopped by! This is our *NEW* website! We have our own domain! I'm so happy! O, yea, I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Minako, the web mistress of this website. Our cosplay group has been friends for years now, but cosplaying for a little over a year!

Have fun! Look around! Leave a message on our Message Board! Come back again, REAL soon!

Updates: September 13, 2002 - Updated with A NEW DOMAIN NAME! Also, Minako's Sweet Sixteen! We are celebrating by opening up our new domain! New costumes, and convention reviews, pictures and Papa Smurf's site is up again! Till next update... Ja ne!

Kawaii Senshi's Sisters:


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Big thanks to Mako-Elf, Musashi, and Anna Neko for helping me with the HTML stuff!  Picture of the Kawaii Senshi was drawn by Minako. Please don't take with out permission! 
Layout inspired by Anna Neko